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With the high precision, high stability and excellent performance of the thin / cutting and cutting equipment of DISCO in Japan, we have many engineers and technicians who have been engaged in wafer thinning and cutting for many years, and have a lot of experienced pick, film and fission technology. It can be 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches.

The 8 inch wafer is thinned, fully cut through (film cutting, easy for automatic pick up machine) and semi cut through (easy to pick grain).

Cutting capacity: 30KK pcs/ month

Wafer Grinding/Dicing Saw Model:

DAD841  Wafer Grinding

DAD321  Dicing Saw 

DAD3350 Dicing Saw

Corresponding Equipment:   



KS-900 自动挑粒机 



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